Zos1 advanced touchscreen computer interface

Our second generation computer interface gives advanced production, process and maintenance control.  Eliminating the card reader, plasma display and combo bd (eeproms)

Dual ‚ÄčOptical spatula Upgrade

This upgrade eliminates vacuum the pick vacuum sense method (more reliable, allows for sense of multiple substrate backsides, OR gate tech for sensor redundancy).  Quick and easy calibration of the optical controllers.

we have designed, built and implement upgrades for the System One

constantly upgrading the Matrix system one 

Knowing the tools as well as we do, we have designed, developed and manufactured several critical upgrades for the Matrix.  We know where the weaknesses are with this "legacy" tool and have focused our substantial resources on improving the tools functionality and keeping it a viable ashing/etching option for the new millennium.  

robot alignment jigs

Handling alignment jigs make robot/elevator alignments easy and exact

ATC (automated temp controller)

Independent temperature monitoring to control the chuck temp much better than the default Matrix circuit.  Proven repeatable ER control improvement

  Integrated Equipment Solutions, LLC.